A world where well defined standards of health for both public and residential surfaces are enjoyed in every community.


To foster healthier standards of living by promoting healthy and innovative products in unison with delivering an effortless customer experience.


Micro Guard 47 was founded with one simple goal: to start a cultural movement that demands healthy standards. We are constantly exposed to surfaces that are contaminated with germs and bacteria. Community food kiosks, restaurant tables and iPad sign-in stations are not regulated for surface health. In an attempt to protect ourselves from these organisms, we defer to caustic cleaners. Toxic cleaners offer only temporary relief and are harmful to both our health and the surfaces that they come into contact with.

With our goal of healthy standards in mind, we set out to discover a solution to this growing problem. A renewed interest in silver as a natural antimicrobial agent immediately sparked our interest. The medical community has revered the antimicrobial and self-healing properties of silver for centuries. In its ionic form silver and microbial cells are attracted to one another. Upon initial contact, silver ions proceed to break through the cellular wall and attach to the DNA of the membrane. This action disrupts the cellular respiration of the microbe, and stops cellular replication. By infusing various materials with silver-ions, scientists have discovered a way to create a surface that has the power to eliminate and inhibit surrounding microbial, bacterial and fungal activity.

Micro Guard 47 is proud to be the first company to provide our clients with a natural alternative to harmful chemicals. By embracing the power of Silver-Ion Technology, we are able to offer impact-resistant solutions that exceed the standard level of surface protection by inhibiting UV rays, filtering blue light, and most importantly, resisting the growth of harmful microbes and bacteria. We currently offer Commercial, Residential, Personal Device and Touch Screen Custom Services.

Protecting the health and integrity of the things we come into contact with every day will lead to less waste and a healthier standard of life.

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